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Why is church membership important?

  • Church membership is a way of officially identifying yourself with a local body of believers. It is a declaration that you are in agreement with Mountain Life’s Vision, Values and Statement of Faith and are accepting the responsibilities of representing Christ in this way.

  • Church membership is a covenant relationship with other members to mutually support and encourage one another and use your time, talents & resources to serve one another in love.

  • Church membership places you under the spiritual protection and authority of godly leaders and provides you with the mutual accountability you need to grow in Christlikeness.

  • Church membership carries with it voting privileges on many important church decisions, including voting on the leadership team candidates, annual budget, the hiring of a senior pastor, building expansion and more.

  • As a member, you make a deep commitment to weave yourself into the very fabric of the church tapestry, so that your participation has a determining effect on how Mountain Life Church lives out its vision.

Make Mountain Life your church home –
your place to worship, grow, fellowship, and serve. 

The Process of Membership at Mountain Life

1. Complete Base Camp

Base Camp is a three-week small group experience (Membership is offered as an optional fourth week) where participants learn about our history, vision, values, beliefs, Bylaws, staff, organizational structure and function; and are introduced to how to start growing and serving at Mountain Life Church. Each session also has a short Bible study and group discussion centered on our Five Essentials
  1. Encounter Jesus
  2. Engage the Word
  3. Enjoy Life
  4. Enter Service
  5. Experience Community.

2. Submit a Completed Membership Application

Membership applications can be picked up from our Care & Connections Director, Laura Behnke.

Once completed, the application is reviewed by a member of the pastoral staff to confirm that the applicant meets the basic requirements for membership, i.e. that he/she:
  • has shown themselves to be a true Christian
  • is willing to act in accordance with the Bylaws and policies of Mountain Life Church
  • desires to share in the fellowship and ministry of this church.

3. Application Submitted to Leadership Team for Formal Approval

4. Approved Applicants Publicly Welcomed into Membership During a Sunday Service

If you have questions about becoming a member or, to get the membership process started, contact:

Laura Behnke
Care & Connections Director