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What We Believe

I became a Christian when my parents enrolled me in a Lutheran school in the 4th grade. I had never held a Bible, sang a hymn, and certainly didn’t know who Jesus was. Ever since I became a believer, I have regarded pastors as father figures. In part because of their position of authority. Also, since my own father wasn’t particularly warm, pastors served as kind-hearted substitutes.

When I joined Mountain Life Church, I thought of Pastor Scott Fine the same way. Over the years, I have gotten to know Scott personally and am honored to call him a friend. (Even though he insists he is far too young to be my father figure!) I recently sat down with Pastor Scott to delve into what Mountain Life Church believes, and to learn more about the man who has been at the helm for the last 27 years.

Who is Pastor Scott Fine?
Scott Fine grew up in a suburban Chicago home filled with lots of love. His father was Jewish, so it was his mother who introduced Christianity to their family of six. While he was in high school, Scott became part of a vibrant youth group at an Evangelical Free (EV Free) church where, “God made it apparent to me that I wanted to serve him, first and foremost,” Scott says. “I related well to people, enjoyed being involved in ministry, and seeing the difference Jesus was making in people’s lives.”

Scott attended Grace Bible College in Grand Rapids, Michigan and earned his B.A. in Biblical Studies from Wheaton College in Illinois. He then earned a Master of Divinity at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. While he was a Trinity, Scott met Jeanne, who has been his loving and supportive wife for over 38 years.
He was then called to be the pastor of a new church plant in a Minnesota tourist community. Under Scott’s leadership, a lovely log church was built along with a strong ministry that appealed to both locals and tourists alike. After 10 ½ years there, Scott was called to help the local families who started Mountain Life in 1992. He became the church’s first pastor.

“Utah was a unique mission field with a strong sense of both need and opportunity,” recalls Scott. “Coming to Utah was a faith venture of a higher level and God put it on our hearts to take this bigger adventure.” Together with Jeanne, whom he openly adores, Scott packed up their three kids and headed West.

The biggest challenge he faced with starting a new church from the ground up was to establish a sense of identity. Of all the kinds and personalities of churches, what would Mountain Life become? The answer became clear. Mountain Life would be a Jesus-centered, family-oriented Bible church that fostered passion for God and compassion for people, under the umbrella of the EV Free Church.

What is the Evangelical Free Church?
According to Pastor Scott, “The Free Church’s number one emphasis is to help people enter a personal relationship with Jesus by taking in God’s Word and being part of a dynamic Christian community.” The Free Church historically avoids extremes and encourages members to base their lives upon what God is saying through the scriptures.

Being affiliated with the EV Free Church gives Mountain Life the accountability and leadership to carry out its own unique calling with a high value being placed on planting new churches. One of the best things God has used Mountain Life for is to start a new church, Mountain View in Heber, a neighboring community to Park City.

What We Believe at Mountain Life Church
Different churches can be viewed as different streams in the larger river of the Kingdom of God,” explains Scott. “People who are truly searching, end up finding the stream that fits their temperament and theology.” In the case of Mountain Life that means a church that is based on a solid, biblically based belief system that lives out God’s Word through a personal relationship with Jesus and genuine caring for others.

When asked the best thing about being the senior pastor of Mountain Life, Scott responds, “Seeing the benefit of getting roots down deep in a church and a community and journeying with people over time. Because it creates the potential for a deeper connection that is richer and more meaningful.”

God has continued to bless Mountain Life over its entire history. From humble beginnings in a small, austere gym in Pinebrook with a heating system that would kick on with a groan and then bellow to completely distort the sound system, the church has continued to grow. So much so that the current facility, completed in 2002 just before the winter Olympics, was bursting at the seams on many a Sunday prior to COVID. Even better, the staff and leadership team have allowed God to lead this local church to create an inviting community that people don’t want to live without as it seeks to expand its outreach and missions focus.

After serving in only two churches during his career as a pastor, Scott himself describes Mountain Life Church best; “A loving, accepting, forgiving community that seeks to exalt Jesus, share his love and the good news of Jesus with any and all people.” And isn’t that really what we all want in a church after all?
By Liz Yokubison
Liz Yokubison is a freelance writer and author. You can follow her on her website,


Craig Howe - February 26th, 2021 at 6:07pm

A beautifully written portrait.

Liz Yokubison - March 9th, 2021 at 12:01pm

Thank you Craig. It was an honor and pleasure to write about our fearless leader! Liz