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Christmas at Mountain Life Church
on December 14th, 2021
One of my favorite memories of Christmas at Mountain Life Church is shortly after we moved to Park City, over 17 years ago. We were attending the Christmas Eve Candlelight service with our twins, who were probably first or second graders at the time. For years our kids had been asking to hold their own candle at the Christmas Eve service. My husband and I had finally deemed them old enough to not ...  Read More
Crisis Response Team
on July 30th, 2021
Mountain Life’s Crisis Response Team Let’s be honest. For those of us blessed with the ability to live in Park City, sometimes it’s easy to get complacent. When we awaken to beautiful blue skies and breathtaking mountain views day in and day out, sometimes we forget about all the people who are less fortunate. Or worse, have suffered unimaginable loss due to hurricanes, tornados or wildfires. And t...  Read More
Mountain Life Church's Student Ministry
on June 3rd, 2021
Mountain Life Student Ministry – Do You Have a Heart for Students? Student ministry, or youth group as it was called back in my day, is crucial to keeping kids engaged and growing their faith. Why? Because in today’s world, the youth of America have access to vast amounts of information, much more than they can handle. And the family dynamic has changed. With both parents often working over 40 hou...  Read More
Mountain Life Church’s Kids Ministry
on May 7th, 2021
Mountain Life Church’s Kids MinistryHave you ever stopped and looked at the world through the eyes of a child? The thrill of blowing on a dandelion that has gone to seed and being encased in a puff of white. Or crouching down to watch in fascination as an ant skitters to and fro. Kids not only appreciate the little things in life, but they are also human sponges; ready and willing to soak up new t...  Read More
Mountain Life Church’s Latino Ministry
on April 21st, 2021
While Park City is best known for its mountains and world class skiing, one of the things that keeps many of us here is the people. Folks who appreciate the outdoors and a more relaxed way of life, the majority of whom moved from somewhere else, and who are seeking a sense of community. Since Park City and its surrounding areas boast a population that is 25% Latino, Mountain Life made the commitme...  Read More
How to Get Plugged in At Mountain Life
on April 9th, 2021
Andrew Camp personifies how to get plugged in at Mountain Life. When he and his wife, Claire, moved to Park City nine years ago they started attending the church. Andrew was working as a chef at a restaurant on Main Street and Claire had just started an internship in psychology. But Andrew’s story has a twist.With a degree in biblical studies from Biola Univer...  Read More
Moving from Isolation to Connection
on March 26th, 2021
Do you remember when you first realized that COVID-19 was going to change everyday life? Perhaps it was when the schools in your area closed. Or when your local government mandated a “shelter in place” or “stay at home” order, terms that were foreign to us a mere year ago. When essential businesses were defined as hospitals, grocery stores, pharmacies, and restaurants. Go ahead, take a minute.For ...  Read More
Volunteer Profile – Michele Cavender
on March 11th, 2021
A servant’s heart. That is one of Mountain Life Church’s greatest strengths – the small army of volunteers that it takes to make our weekly services happen. Especially in the midst of a global pandemic.One of those volunteers is Michele Cavender. She has held a variety of roles from kid’s ministry, to starting Mountain Life’s first Singles Group, providing childcare during Life Groups, ushering, a...  Read More
What We Believe
on February 25th, 2021
I became a Christian when my parents enrolled me in a Lutheran school in the 4th grade. I had never held a Bible, sang a hymn, and certainly didn’t know who Jesus was. Ever since I became a believer, I have regarded pastors as father figures. In part because of their position of authority. Also, since my own father wasn’t particularly warm, pastors served as kind-hearted substitutes.When I joined ...  Read More
The History of Mountain Life Church
on February 9th, 2021
Life is filled with starting points and the same is true of churches. Mountain Life Church started not with a physical building, but as an idea planted in the hearts of four couples. They wanted to create a Bible-based church, open to all people, that would become an authentic Christian community in Park City, Utah.The year was 1992 and Park City looked a lot different than it does now. With only ...  Read More
Stephen Ministry
on January 21st, 2021
Doing life in the midst of a global pandemic is taking a toll on all of us. I’ve personally noticed my ability to handle stress has dwindled as the effects of COVID-19 have needled their way into every aspect of my life. In fact, research shows that people are struggling with depression, anxiety, and isolation, now, more than ever. Which is why the timing of Mountain Life Church’s Stephen Ministry...  Read More
Why I Chose Mountain Life
on January 12th, 2021
I’ll never forget the first time I walked into Mountain Life Church. My husband and I had just moved cross-country with our five-year-old twins to fulfill a lifelong dream of living in the mountains and raising our kids close to their grandparents. We had been “church shopping” for a while when friends of my in-laws suggested we try Mountain Life.From the moment I entered the sanc...  Read More