About Us

Mountain Life is an authentic Christian community that exists to bring people into a life changing relationship with Jesus and develop in them a heart full of passion for God and compassion for people.

God’s word serves as the source of wisdom, direction and authority in our lives and we strive to understand and live out God’s grace in the way we relate with and deal with one another. We seek to be prayerful, humble, open, faithful and generous. Our compassion for people compels us to shine the light of Jesus to others in our community and throughout the world. We believe this means not only providing financial support, but active participation in the lives of others.

We place a high priority on children and young people, and want them to have a very positive, loving, and Christ-centered experience in being a big part of our church community. We know that to live on the growing edge requires supportive relationships and biblically-guided challenges. For this reason, we emphasize involvement in small groups and getting to know God through His Word on a daily basis.

At Mountain Life, you’ll notice a casual atmosphere and people of all ages and backgrounds including young families with children and single adults. We are all at different stages in our faith walk, and we hope you will want to journey with us as we grow in our love and knowledge of Christ.

We realize that people are searching for God and a more meaningful life in an increasingly more complex world. We give people room to explore without pressure to join, and to see God at work in our community and in their lives. We warmly invite you to come, explore, and grow with us.